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31 October 1986
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leftover crack. 7 seconds. agnostic front. blanks 77. anti-flag, against me. common enemy. bouncing souls. animal rights. cheap sex. diy. going to shows. lower class brats. making clothes. music. neon makeup. patches. piercings. pins. safety pins. screen printing. body modification. tattoos. the casualties. the exploited. the germs. the unseen. the virus. zippers. the buisness. the exploited. nausea. discharge. self-destruct. gbh. a global threat. the adicts. clit 45. subhumans. choking victim. naked aggression. toxic narcotic. aus rotten. defiance. refused. bad religion.

I wish I could go to shows every night of my life, someday I will. I make most of my own clothes and jewelry, plus things like headbands, purses, etc... I hate RSD, its ruined my entire life.(www.throughthefireofrsd.org) I cant stand people who stereo-type, judge, or put down other people. Music makes me who I am.
interests in bio.